Hi, I'm Tanya Weinstein.
I have staged more than 40 performances in Russia, France, Finland, Italy, Malta and the USA. My focus is documentary theater, contemporary dance, new forms.

A site-specific in a Quattrocento-era castle or a promenade through an industrial ghetto, a 24-hour dance performance, a performance for three spectators or with 186 dancers - it's all me.
About me
In 2012, with a group of friends and associates (Sasha Weinstein and Sasha Kondratenko), we opened a multi-functional venue Skorokhod in the former shoe factory. Its Manifesto was simple and relevant for St. Petersburg, Museum city full of mummified art:

«We are an alternative to repertory theater, where there is a place for dance, music, cinema and everything new and relevant in any form of performative art

Over the years of working with us, the founding team, Skorokhod has held more than 700 different events in the field of modern dance, new academic music, different forms of theater and other things. Now Skorokhod is working with a new team, creating unique content and attracting many beautiful projects from St. Petersburg and around the world.

Official site of the venue: skorohod.me
The site is always open for new ideas and proposals.
My theater
The Leludi (Lyogkie Lyudi) international theater center was established in 2009. We invented and made this school together with Sasha Weinstein. Then the goal was to give knowledge about the theater to anyone, with or without experience of life on the stage. In addition, even then there was a need for education: the gap between the discourse of modern theater and the tastes of the audience is huge. The desire to explain, to help to understand was the most important impulse for creation of Leludi. Today, Leludi is the largest acting school in St. Petersburg with a large choice of educational programs of different duration (courses, master classes, trainings, intensives), held both internally and online.
My school
Over time, Leludi became a platform for professional development. Since 2014, we have been teaching the course "Theater and film Actor", together with Spbgukit St. Petersburg University of Film and Television). This educational program is a unique opportunity to get a state-recognized diploma of retraining, a document giving the right to work in theater and cinema as a professional actor/actress. In 2019, a joint training course in theater directing with Gukit was added.

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My projects
For cooperation
Email: tanyapriyatkina@gmail.com
For cooperation
Email: tanyapriyatkina@gmail.com