«Physics of the Soul >2»

The joint work of Maxim Didenko and Alice Oleinik with participants in the master classes of the Russian School of Physical Theatre (RSHFT). A dance play The Physics of the Soul, 2 is a unique action designed to unlock the potential of each participant as part of opening the «Open Scene» season.

— Year and place:
2011, Open Scene

 Creative Group:
Production: Maxim Didenko and Alice Oleinik.
Performance participants: Jana Burtman, Lydia Copina, Victoria Kuznetsova, Tatiana Luzaj, Tanya Weinstein, Nikolai Khamov, Sergei Homchenkov (theatre Morph), RSHFT students and many others.
Light: Andrei Potapov
Music: Dima Mihaylin (piano, electronics, murmurs), Veronica Berashevich (saxophone).