«Cape Verde»

The themes raised in the play are relevant for the audience of a small town remote from the capital. In "Cape Verde" we reflect on the possibility of self-realization in a province, on the demographic and gender situation, on the inevitable migration and other social issues. Nevertheless, in the performance there is a place for poetic, and not only social component – this is a story about love, friendship, homeland and about the choice that everyone must make, the choice of their future. This performance is seen by the directors as extremely aesthetically sustained, minimalistic in design, with elements of verbatim (the actors will tell about their childhood expectations), choreographic and vocal numbers. The musicality of the performance, its rhythm is one of its major substantive foundations. One of the goals of the production is to show a new format of puppet theater. To acquaint the audience of the theater, the citizens, unaware of modern trends, is that this theater is absolutely full-fledged, synthetic and multi-genre.

 Year and place:
26 may 2019

 Creative Group:
Author: Ksenia Savelyeva, Tatiana Weinstein
Director: Tatiana Weinstein
Artist: Lilia Zhamaletdinova
Composer: Peter Rodionov
The cast: Olga Sidorenko, Alexander Alexeev, Peter Parfenov, Catherine Tsyganets, Svetlana Kryukova, Catherine Hvorostenko