«The Very Hedgehog»

A puppet show for children based on Sergei Kozlov's fairy tales. A Hedgehog and a Bear fish, hide from the rain, count the stars, drink tea with honey. The emergence of the Hedgehog interest forest dwellers too. A squirrel, a duck, an owl, a rabbit and an ant wonder, what a strange animal appeared in their woods. The seasons are slowly in succession. And together with Nature, the Hedgehog grows, changes, learns the world and himself. The Hedgehog has a dream. He wants to see the sea! Growing up, he understands he has to realize this dream. It's hard for the Bear is hard to break up with a friend, but he's letting him go. The Hedgehog faces a difficult choice: to stay with a friend or to go for sea-search. The philosophical tale of S. Kozlov became a poetic spectacle on the stage of the theater . This poeticity is revealed by: decorations, golden meadows-islands, beautiful music written specifically for this production, and an unusual solution for long-known characters.

 Year and place:
2011, Stray Doggy Puppet Theatre

— Creative Group:
Director: Tanya Weinstein
Playwright: Konstantin Fyodorov
Actors: Konstantin Kozhev, Anna Perevozchikova, Margarita Shumilova, Catherine Tikhomirov