«The Iliad»

The Dzampano Theater performance, the story of modern Cassandra, a combination of drama, contemporary dance, drum'n'bass music, trash design. Homer's Iliad is one of the most ancient, volumetric, multivalued works of European culture; the foundation of artistic imagery, the mythology of modern culture. At the same time, the Iliad itself has long been a myth that has lost its meaning and ceased to give a living emotional response, as the heroine of this spectacle Cassandra says: "You are sitting here, so clever, and have any of you read the "Iliad? It's probably just saw the movie with Brad Pitt ..." What can one small man do to stop the war? The question posed by this spectacle is hard: Almost 3000 years have elapsed since the writing of Iliad. What's changed? "War is corpses that birds peck at. Husbands that rot in the field! Wives that... What great glory can there be? When is this going to end?" Cassandra screams, but nobody hears her.

 Year and place:

2011, Dzampano

— Creative Group:
Playwright: Konstantin Fyodorov
Director: Tanya Weinstein
Actors: Elena Bedrak, Alona Kuchkova, Nikolai Kouglyant, Alan Kaziko, Ruslan Kacagadzhiev, Yevgeny Filimonov, Petr Artamonov
Composer: Yuri Bedrak
Ballet: Katerina Ataljan
Artist: Alexei Voronov
Video: Maria of Heaven