Meeting the Odyssey project, 2015 Performance, staged in cooperation with the Teatro delle Moire and Qui e Ora. A

dance production about victim-blaming. This is a kind of reinterpretation of Homer's legend about the sirens - the inhabitants of the seas, driving men crazy with their wonderful singing. "In Homer, the sirens sang so beautifully that they made men commit follies. That's why they were hated and feared. In the modern world there is a similar concept of victim-blaming. When women are accused of excessive attractiveness, as if provoking men to crime." Two groups worked on the performance: the first (delle Moire) was responsible for the movement, the second (Qui e Ora) - for the dramatic, narrative side of the production. The plot develops along two parallel lines: texts compiled with music and choreographed duets. All duets are built in a single key: one of the partners is always the subject of the movement, manipulator, conditionally, man, the other partner is the object of manipulation, conditionally, woman. The texts voice stereotypes about the role of women in society, about the victim in an act of violence. The dramatic basis of the performance is quotes from various Internet sources.

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