«Point and Line on the Plane»

Conceived as tech-specific, in the process of rehearsals the project turned into a study of the inner world of actors and nonlinear ways of broadcasting it outside. Which, however, is absolutely consonant with Kandinsky himself. The play focuses on five characters, each of whom lives completely closed, never really meeting anyone. Everyone lives his story in total solitude, not knowing how similar, in fact, these stories are to each other.

Director about the show: «We are looking for ways to talk about the most subtle and painful topics: failed relationships, betrayal, parting, choosing, experiencing rejection through a visual metaphor, image. Because in the modern world these topics are more taboo than, for example, incest, violence or war. After all, speaking openly about non-reciprocal love, you risk being ridiculed rather than understood in our beautiful postmodern world. Meanwhile, in the life of almost everyone there were or are relationships that did not take place, did not have the slightest chance to take place. And such adult conversation will become this performance. For those who are interested in the methodology of creating a performance, I can say that we work in several directions - Viewpoint (technique of points of view), study-like method, the hero's catalog.»

 Year and place:

2019, "Skorokhod" Saint-Petersburg

Creative group: 
Director: Tanya Weinstein
Lighting Designer: Anatoly Lyapin
Production Designer: Vera Fiskova
Mediadesigner: Tyler Collins
Sound and music: Nikolai Bogdanov
Producer: Maria Rumyantseva
Actors: Anna Budanova, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Leonid Nechaev, Maria Ponomareva, Alexander Chelidze