«The Third»

Sasha Lyubashin and Tania Weinstein joint project. The Third is an incredibly funny story about boys, girls and ... third ones. A performance about gender-related stereotypes, about what it is that determines whether you feel like a man or, more, at least sometimes, just a little bit like a woman. The story is based on the true story of Australian dancer and actor Paul Zivkovich. Born as the third twin (after brother and sister), he has not been able to define himself for his whole life in terms not just of physiology, but of gender.

— Year and place:
2012, Skorokhod

 Creative Group:
Directors: Sasha Lyubashin, Tanya Weinstein
Actors: Sasha Lyubashin, Tanya Weinstein
Actors (since 2014): Sergei Larionov, Pauline Mitrjashina
Poster Design: Anna Khokhlova