«The Cow»

Student performances
The play based on the story by Andrei Platonov. A very simple and therefore more poignant story about love and affection, which makes the sorrow of the loss unbearable. It is impossible not to sympathize with the main characters of the show: a cow, dying from desperation when they take away her calf, and the boy Vasya, writing in a school essay: «The cow gave us everything she had, that is milk, a son, meat, skin, innards and bones, she was kind. I remember our cow and I won't forget her». Kindness and sincerity even through pain and suffering.

 Year and place:

2012, Lyogkiye Ljudi

— Creative Group:
Director: Tanya Weinstein
Actors: Students of Leludi (Lyogkiye Lyudi) Theatre center