«The Bronze Horseman. Interpretation experiment»

A puppet play of the Dzampano Theater, a new reading of the classical works of Pushkin. In the play The Bronze Horseman. Interpretation experiment in addition to confronting state power and elements, it is also important to counter the internal world of the individual and what he seems to the world outside." This contrast is created by the puppet and actors play: for outsiders, the protagonist of the story is Yevgeny, a small man who is crooked over a table of letters, absorbed by petty worries and fuss. Such a man needs not be taken into account or despised by Peter, bent on global change, such a man can be wiped out by elements that do not recognize the faces of their victims. But love sees him differently – and makes him different. And his inner world, the soul, singular and beautiful, embodied on stage through choreography and acting, is only visible to his beloved Parasha. The hero is bereft of love, mind, and then life itself, but the beauty of his soul is impossible to destroy...

 Year and place:
2011, Dzampano

 Creative Group:
Director: Tanya Weinstein
Actors: Aleksandr Gromyko, Dmitry Repin, Anna Yurko.