«The Boar»

An Immersive performance exploring the situation of admission to the theater Institute. A provocative, sly performance about dreams, realities and the essence of the acting profession. Verbatim, accurate and ruthless observations of people, and total involvement of the viewer — an hour and a half of reflection on what acting is. The play is inspired by the texts of Rancière and Fellini's films. What is the mood of the Board today? Is your skirt the right length? Makeup not too bright? Or maybe the teacher doesn't like yellow color, loose hair or sweatpants? In his youth, he was abandoned by a blonde, and this is your hair color. His breakfast burnt down, he stepped in a puddle or worse, and he's ready to take it out on you. The play is about who and how can decide your fate.

Tanya Weinstein on the play: «For me the moment of selection is one of the most terrible moments in pedagogy: you have no right to make a mistake. You may just fail to see very many subtle, interesting, deep people. You have 3 minutes to decide on a person's future.»

 Year and place:
2019, "Skorokhod" 

Creative group:
Director: Tanya Weinstein
Producer: Maria Rumyantseva
Lighting Designer: Anatoly Lyapin
Actors: Egor Arkhipov, Anna Budanova, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Leonid Nechaev, Maria Rumyantseva